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Delhi - ladakh - Delhi

Duration : 8 Nights / 9 Days

Destination Covered : Leh Ladakh, Manali, Pangong Lake, Leh Palace, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Tanglang La Pass, Nubra, Khadurnga la

Tour Activities : Adventure, Sightseeing

Tour Themes : Adventure Tours, Hill Stations & Valleys, Religious & Pilgrimage, Culture & Heritage, Family & Group Tours, Affordable & Budget Tours, Women Friendly Tours

Min & Max. PAX : Max : 24


Per Person

* Mentioned prices may vary depending upon date of travel, hotel availability, surge pricing and seasonal rush.

Leh Ladakh, Manali and Pangong Lake Tour Overview

Its an Group shared tour to Leh - Ladakh by Tempo traveller / Innova / Bike

Leh Ladakh, Manali and Pangong Lake Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Delhi - ladakh - Delhi
We Will Pick You From Delhi
Airport/Railway Station And
Introduce You With Our Trip
Coordinators. We will Arrange a
Vehicle for You to leave for

Departure from Delhi: Start your day by leaving Delhi, in Tempo Traveller the bustling capital city of
India. Ensure that you have all your essentials, including travel documents, clothing, snacks, and
water. Northern India's Scenic Route: As you embark on your journey, you'll witness the mesmerizing
landscapes of Northern India. The route will take you through picturesque towns, green valleys, and
majestic mountains.
Enroute to Atal Tunnel: The drive to Atal Tunnel will take you approximately 10-11 hours, covering a
distance of around 500 kilometers. Enjoy the ever-changing vistas along the way, and take breaks at
scenic spots to capture beautiful memories.
Atal Tunnel: As you reach the Atal Tunnel, be prepared to experience one of the engineering marvels
of India. This tunnel, named after former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, connects Manali in
Himachal Pradesh to Lahaul-Spiti Valley, drastically reducing travel time and making the region more
Lahaul-Spiti Valley: After passing through the Atal Tunnel, you'll enter the stunning Lahaul-Spiti
Valley. Be prepared to witness awe-inspiring landscapes, snow-capped peaks, and charming villages
nestled in the mountains.
Arrival in Jispa: Finally, after a long day of driving, you'll arrive in Jispa, a serene village located in the
Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh. Jispa offers a tranquil atmosphere, breathtaking views, and a
chance to immerse yourself in the local culture.
Accommodation and Rest: Upon reaching Jispa, check into your accommodation and take some time
to relax and rejuvenate. Enjoy a delicious meal and get a good night's sleep, preparing yourself for the
adventures that lie ahead.
Day 2
Delhi - ladakh - Delhi
Our first day in Jispa began with a breathtaking journey through the scenic landscapes of the
Himalayas. The crisp mountain air filled our lungs as we made our way to the campsite nestled amidst
the towering peaks.
Upon reaching the camp, we were greeted warmly by the friendly staff who ensured our comfort
throughout our stay. The campsite itself was surrounded by majestic mountains, with a glistening
river flowing nearby, adding to the tranquility of the place.
After settling into our cozy tents, we embarked on a short hike to explore the surroundings. The
rugged terrain presented us with awe-inspiring vistas at every turn. The snow-capped peaks stood tall
against the clear blue sky, creating a postcard-perfect scene.
As the evening approached, we gathered around a crackling bonfire, sharing stories and laughter. The
camp organizers had arranged a cultural program for us, showcasing the vibrant traditions of the local
community. We were treated to traditional dance performances and melodiousfolk music, immersing
ourselves in the rich cultural heritage of the region. Dinner was a delightful affair, with a spread of
local delicacies that tantalized our taste buds. The flavors of the traditional cuisine, infused with local
spices and fresh ingredients, left us craving for more.
As the night fell, we retired to our tents, serenaded by the gentle rustling of the wind and the distant
sounds of the river. Nestled in our sleeping bags, we marveled at the blanket of stars that adorned the
night sky, their brilliance undimmed by the remoteness of the location.
With a sense of wonder and contentment, we drifted off to sleep, eagerly anticipating the adventures
that awaited us in the days to come. Our first day in Jispa had been nothing short of magical, and we
knew that this journey would leave an indelible mark on our souls.
Stay tuned for more updates from our Jispa adventure!
Day 3
Delhi - ladakh - Delhi
After bidding farewell to Jispa, we embarked on a scenic drive towards the enchanting city of Leh. The
journey took us through rugged mountain passes, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding
landscapes. As we approached Leh, we were greeted by the sight of ancient monasteries perched atop
rocky hills, signaling our arrival in this culturally rich region.
Upon reaching Leh, we checked into our accommodations and took a moment to acclimate to the
higher altitude. Leh, situated at an elevation of approximately 3,500 meters, is known for its pristine
beauty and historical significance.
Our first stop in Leh was the magnificent Leh Palace. Standing tall on a hilltop, this grand structure
served as the royal residence for the Ladakhi kings. As we explored the palace's intricate architecture
and intricate artwork, we gained a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the bygone era. The panoramic
view of Leh from the palace rooftop left us awe-struck, with the city sprawling beneath us and the
mighty Himalayan ranges in the distance.
Next, we ventured to the revered Thiksey Monastery, one of the largest monastic complexes in
Ladakh. The monastery's golden spires glistened under the sun, casting a serene glow over the
landscape. Inside, we marveled at the elaborate wall paintings, ancient scriptures, and the tranquil
ambiance that permeated the halls. Witnessing the monks engaged in their prayers and rituals was a
humbling experience, deepening our appreciation for the spiritual traditions of the region.
In the afternoon, we explored the bustling Leh Market, a vibrant hub where locals and tourists alike
come together. The narrow lanes were lined with shops selling colorful handicrafts, traditional attire,
and delicious local cuisine. We indulged in some shopping, picking up souvenirs to commemorate our
journey and tasting the delectable flavors of Ladakhistreet food.
As the day neared its end, we made our way to the Shanti Stupa, a symbol of peace and harmony.
Perched atop a hill, this white-domed structure offered panoramic views of Leh and the surrounding
mountains. The tranquil ambiance and the golden hues of the setting sun created a magical
atmosphere, leaving us in awe of the beauty that surrounded us.Back at our accommodation in Leh,
we reflected on the day's experiences and marveled at the rich cultural heritage and natural wonders
of the region. Tomorrow, we would continue our exploration of Leh, delving deeper into its history
and immersing ourselves in the Ladakhi way of life.
Stay tuned for more updates from our Leh sightseeing adventure!
Day 4
Delhi - ladakh - Delhi
Our journey continued as we left Leh behind and set off towards the captivating Nubra Valley. Known
for its dramatic landscapes and picturesque vistas, Nubra Valley awaited us with its unparalleled
The road to Nubra Valley led us through the world-famous Khardung La Pass, often touted as one of
the highest motorable passes in the world. As we ascended the winding roads, the air grew thinner,
and the breathtaking views unfolded before us. The snow-capped peaks stood majestically against the
azure sky, and the rugged terrain tested the resilience of both the road and the travelers.
Reaching the summit of Khardung La Pass, we basked in the achievement of conquering this incredible
feat of engineering. The panoramic view from the pass was awe-inspiring, with the surrounding
mountains stretching as far as the eye could see. We captured these mesmerizing vistas in our
memories and through our lenses, cherishing the experience of being at such great heights.
Descending from Khardung La, we made our way towardsthe enchanting Nubra Valley. As we entered
the valley, the landscape transformed into a picturesque oasis amidst the barren mountains. The lush
greenery, fertile plains, and the meandering Shyok River welcomed us with open arms.
One of the highlights of our day was visiting the mesmerizing Diskit Monastery, perched on a hill
overlooking the valley. This ancient Buddhist monastery is home to a colossal statue of Maitreya
Buddha, which gracefully presides over the landscape. Inside the monastery, we soaked in the
peaceful ambiance, offered our prayers, and gained insights into the rich spiritual heritage of the
Continuing our journey, we reached our accommodation in Nubra Valley, where warm hospitality
awaited us. The campsite provided a serene retreat amidst nature's splendor, allowing us to unwind
and recharge for the adventures that lay ahead.
In the evening, we set out to explore the enchanting sand dunes of Hunder. The vast expanse of
golden sand stretched as far as the eye could see, creating a surreal atmosphere. We indulged in the
thrill of a camel ride, traversing the dunes and taking in the ethereal beauty of the surroundings.
To conclude our day, we made our way to the famed Zero Point, where the mighty Shyok and Nubra
rivers converge. Standing at this confluence, we marveled at the sheer force of nature and felt
humbled by its grandeur. The breathtaking landscapes and the raw power of the rivers left an
indelible mark on our souls.
As we retired to our accommodations in Nubra Valley, we reflected on the incredible experiences of
the day. Nubra had already captivated us with its awe-inspiring beauty, and we eagerly anticipated
the adventures that awaited us in the days to come. Stay tuned for more updates from our Nubra
Valley exploration
Day 5
Delhi - ladakh - Delhi
On the fourth day of our Ladakh adventure, we bid farewell to the captivating Nubra Valley and
embarked on a journey towards the breathtaking Pangong Tso. With a sense of anticipation, we left
behind the rugged mountain passes and barren terrains, eager to witness the beauty that awaited us
at the famous lake.
As we traversed the winding roads, the landscape gradually transformed, revealing glimpses of the
mighty Himalayasin the distance. The air became crisper, and the silence of the mountains enveloped
us, creating an atmosphere of serenity and awe.
As we approached Pangong Tso, a feeling of exhilaration washed over us. The vast expanse of the lake
unfolded before our eyes, its turquoise waters shimmering under the bright sunlight. Nestled amidst
the towering mountains, Pangong Tso stood as a pristine gem, captivating our senses and stirring our
souls.Our campsite, situated near the lake, offered a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the
natural wonders of Pangong Tso. The cozy tents, set against the backdrop of the serene lake and
majestic mountains, provided a comfortable sanctuary amidst this breathtaking landscape.
Throughout the day, we indulged in the beauty and tranquility of Pangong Tso. We strolled along the
shoreline, feeling the cool sand beneath our feet and listening to the gentle lapping of the waves. The
ever-changing colors of the lake, from deep blues to shimmering greens, mesmerized us, as if nature
itself was performing an ethereal dance.
As the sun began its descent, casting a warm golden glow over the surroundings, we gathered around
a crackling bonfire at the campsite. We shared stories, laughter, and heartfelt conversations,
cherishing the camaraderie forged on this incredible journey.
Under the starry night sky, we marveled at the celestial wonders above us. Away from the city lights,
the sky revealed its full splendor, with countless stars twinkling in the darkness. We laid on the soft
grass, contemplating the vastness of the universe and our place within it.
As the night deepened, we retired to our cozy tents, wrapped in warm blankets and lulled to sleep by
the gentle sounds of nature. Pangong Tso had left an indelible mark on our hearts, its beauty and
serenity etched into our memories forever.
Tomorrow, we would bid farewell to this magical lake and continue our exploration of Ladakh,
carrying the spirit of Pangong Tso with us.
Stay tuned for more updates from our Pangong Tso camping experience!
Day 6
Delhi - ladakh - Delhi
As we reluctantly bid farewell to the enchanting Pangong Tso, we embarked on our journey back to
Leh, the vibrant capital of Ladakh. The road led us through awe-inspiring landscapes, with the
memories of Pangong Tso etched deeply within us. Upon our arrival in Leh, we settled into our
accommodations and took a moment to reacquaint ourselves with the city's bustling atmosphere. Leh,
with its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, beckoned us to explore its hidden treasures.
Our first stop was the iconic Leh Palace, a symbol of the region's royal past. Standing atop a hill, this
ancient palace offered panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains. We marveled at
the intricate architecture and stepped back in time as we wandered through its corridors, imagining
the grandeur that once graced its halls.
Next, we ventured to the peaceful environs of the Shanti Stupa. This white-domed structure, perched
on a hilltop, exuded an aura of tranquility. As we climbed the steps, we were rewarded with
breathtaking vistas of Leh and the majestic mountain ranges that cradled the city. The serenity of the
surroundings and the spiritual ambiance of the Stupa provided a perfect respite from the bustling city
We then delved into the vibrant local culture by exploring the Leh Market. The narrow lanes were
lined with shops displaying an array of colorful handicrafts, traditional clothing, and unique souvenirs.
We relished the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere, engaging with the locals
and experiencing the flavors of Ladakhi cuisine.
In the afternoon, we visited the historic Leh Mosque, an architectural gem that showcased the
region'sreligious diversity. The intricate woodwork and intricate designs of the mosque mesmerized
us, while the peaceful ambiance allowed for moments of reflection and introspection.
As the day progressed, we visited the revered Hemis Monastery, located on the outskirts of Leh. This
ancient Buddhist monastery, nestled amidst a scenic landscape, served as a spiritual retreat. We
marveled at the captivating wall paintings, intricate sculptures, and the sense of serenity that
pervaded the monastery's courtyards.
Back in Leh, we indulged in the local cuisine, savoring the flavors of Ladakhi delicacies. The aromatic
spices and unique ingredients tantalized our taste buds, providing a culinary journey through the
region'srich culinary heritage.
As the sun began to set, casting a golden glow over Leh, we wandered through the city's vibrant
streets, taking in the sights, sounds, and aromas that filled the air. The charm of Leh captivated us,
and we embraced the city's vibrant energy with open hearts.
As we retired to our accommodations in Leh, we reflected on the day's adventures and the
experiences that had enriched our journey. Leh had welcomed us with open arms, allowing us to
delve into its rich history and cultural tapestry.
Tomorrow, we would continue our exploration of Leh, uncovering more hidden gems and immersing
ourselves in the Ladakhi way of life.
Stay tuned for more updates from our Leh sightseeing adventure!
Day 7
Delhi - ladakh - Delhi
As we bid farewell to Leh, a city that had captured our hearts with its rich heritage, we embarked on a
picturesque journey towards the charming town of Manali. The road ahead promised breathtaking
vistas and a change of scenery as we left the arid landscapes of Ladakh behind. Our drive from Leh to
Manali took us through some of the most scenic routes in the region. The winding roads snaked
through lush green valleys, offering glimpses of cascading waterfalls, meandering rivers, and dense
forests. The snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas provided a stunning backdrop, painting a picture of
natural grandeur.
En route, we stopped at the magnificent Rohtang Pass, located at an elevation of over 3,900 meters.
This high mountain pass was a gateway to the lush Kullu Valley and offered panoramic views of the
surrounding landscapes. We marveled at the majestic mountains, snow-covered peaks, and the raw
beauty that surrounded us.
Continuing our journey, we descended into the picturesque Kullu Valley. The valley welcomed us with
its vibrant colors and serene ambiance. We drove alongside the gushing Beas River, its clear waters
reflecting the pristine beauty of the surroundings.
As we arrived in Manali, we were greeted by the town's enchanting charm. Nestled amidst towering
mountains, Manali is a popular tourist destination known for its scenic beauty and pleasant weather.
We checked into our accommodations and took a moment to relax and soak in the serene
In the evening, we ventured out to explore the quaint streets of Manali. The town's bustling markets
were filled with shops offering local handicrafts, woolen garments, and traditional artifacts. We
strolled through the lanes, immersing ourselves in the vibrant culture and taking in the aroma of
freshly brewed tea and local delicacies.
Manali is also home to many beautiful temples, and we visited the revered Hadimba Devi Temple.
Surrounded by towering deodar trees, this ancient temple is dedicated to the goddess Hadimba, and
its unique architecture is a sight to behold. We offered our prayers and admired the intricate wood
carvings that adorned the temple.
As the day came to a close, we settled into our accommodations in Manali, excited about the
adventuresthat awaited usin this charming town. With its picturesque landscapes, serene valleys,
and a touch of cultural richness, Manali promised to be a memorable destination.
Tomorrow, we would explore the delights of Manali further, immersing ourselves in its natural beauty
and indulging in the local experiences that make this place truly special.
Stay tuned for more updates from our Manali exploration!
Day 8
Delhi - ladakh - Delhi
On the seventh day of our journey, we dedicated our time to exploring the enchanting town of Manali
before embarking on the final leg of our trip back to Delhi. Manali, known for its breathtaking
landscapes and pleasant climate, held numerous attractions that beckoned us to delve deeper into its
We began our day by immersing ourselves in the natural wonders of Manali. One of the highlights was
a visit to Solang Valley, a picturesque haven nestled amidst towering mountains. The valley offered a
myriad of outdoor activities, and we indulged in thrilling adventures like paragliding, zorbing, and
rappelling. The adrenaline rush and the panoramic views of the surrounding peaks left us exhilarated.
Next, we made our way to the enchanting Vashisht Village, renowned for its hot springs and ancient
temples. We immersed ourselves in the soothing waters of the hot springs, which were believed to
have healing properties. The serene ambiance of the village, coupled with the rich spiritual heritage,
provided a tranquil respite from the bustling city life.
In the afternoon, we visited the Naggar Castle, a historic fortress perched on a hilltop. This
architectural marvel offered panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and the Beas River. We
explored the castle's galleries and admired the ancient artifacts and artworks on display, gaining
insightsinto the region's rich cultural heritage.
As the day progressed, we meandered through the bustling streets of Manali, exploring its vibrant
markets. The markets were filled with a plethora of handicrafts, woollen garments, and local produce.
We relished the opportunity to engage with the locals, savoring the flavors of traditional Himachali
cuisine and taking home souvenirsthat would remind us of our time in Manali.
In the evening, we bid adieu to the serene beauty of Manali and embarked on our journey back to
Delhi. The scenic drive took us through picturesque landscapes, with the majestic mountains bidding
us farewell. We reflected on the memories and experiences we had gathered during our expedition,
cherishing the moments spent in the lap of nature.
As we reached Delhi, the bustling capital city, we carried with us the essence of our adventure—a
treasure trove of unforgettable experiences and a deeper appreciation for the natural wonders that
Ladakh and Manali had bestowed upon us.
This marked the end of our incredible journey through Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh, a journey that
had brought us closer to the beauty of nature, the richness of culture, and the spirit of exploration.
The memories we created would forever remain etched in our hearts, reminding us of the boundless
wonders that await those who dare to embark on their own journeys of discovery.
Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary expedition!
Day 9
Delhi - ladakh - Delhi
On the eighth and final day of our remarkable journey, we reached the vibrant city of Delhi, marking
the end of our unforgettable expedition. As we bid farewell to the captivating landscapes of Ladakh
and the picturesque town of Manali, we reflected upon the countless memories we had created and
the experiences that had enriched our souls.
Upon our arrival in Delhi, we were greeted by the bustling energy of the capital city. The vibrant
streets, adorned with historical monuments and modern structures, told stories of a rich and diverse
past. We took a moment to soak in the sights and sounds, grateful for the opportunity to be part of
this vibrant tapestry.
As we traversed the city, we reflected on the transformative journey we had undertaken. From the
tranquil valleys of Ladakh to the lush green landscapes of Manali, each destination had left an
indelible mark on our hearts. The raw beauty of nature, the warmth of the local communities, and the
spiritual richness had opened our eyes to the wonders that lie beyond our comfort zones.
As we concluded our expedition, we carried with us the lessons learned during our exploration. We
learned to embrace the unknown, to appreciate the simple joys of life, and to connect with nature
and diverse cultures. Thisjourney had not only been a physical adventure but also a profound inner
journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
With our hearts full of gratitude, we expressed our appreciation for the memories we had made, the
friendships we had forged, and the stories we would forever cherish. The journey had come to an end,
but the experiences and the spirit of exploration would continue to inspire usin our future endeavors.
As we dispersed to our respective destinations, we carried with us the spirit of this incredible trip,
forever transformed by the beauty of Ladakh, Manali, and the vibrant soul of Delhi.
Thank you for JM tours & travels on this extraordinary adventure, and may the memories we created
together continue to inspire new journeys in our lives. Until we meet again, happy travels!

More Details about Leh Ladakh, Manali and Pangong Lake Tour


  • MAP (Room + Breakfast + Lunch/Dinner)
  • Hotel
  • Sightseeing
  • Transfers
  • Pickup-Drop
  • Accommodation
  • Veg Meals
  • Transportation
  • All transfer by Tempo Traveller/bike
  • All Transport Taxes, Fuel, Toll & Parking
  • Accommodation (6 Nights)
  • 2 Nights stay atLeh (Hotel)
  • 1 Night stay at Nubra (Camp/ Hotel)
  • 1 Night stay at Pangong(Camp)
  • 1 Night stay at Manali (Hotel)
  • 1 night stay at jispa (camp)
  • Breakfast/lunch & dinner
  • RE Himalayan/ KTM 390 Adventure Bike asper the
  • variant selected
  • Airport pick up and drop asper your flight timings
  • Buffet Breakfast and Dinner: Starting with Dinner on Day
  • 2 & ending with Breakfast on Last Day asper itinerary
  • Fuel for the whole trip asper the itinerary
  • Assured Inner linepermits and Ladakh Union fee
  • Experienced tour captain on a bike
  • Experienced mechanicfor daily maintenance
  • Basicsparepartschangein the bike duringthetour
  • (front/rear tube/spark plug/clutch & brake wire/engine
  • oil)
  • A backup vehicle(SUV/Traveler/Bolero Camper) to carry
  • your luggage and spare parts from day 4
  • Standard size helmet for the rider and the pillion
  • Basic First-Aid during the tour


  • Adventure sports
  • Lunch
  • Bikers jacket
  • Entry tickets
  • Anything which is not mentioned on above quote
  • GST 5%

Specific Departure Dates


Payments Terms

  • * 30% Advance Percentage of total booking amount
  • * Airfare/Transport fare to be paid full at one time in advance.

Price & Rates

No of pax Age Limit Price per pax (Rs)
No of pax Adult Age Limit Above 12 years Price per pax (Rs) INR 21000 / Adult


City Hotel Name Star Rating
City Jispa Hotel Name Jispa Camp Star Rating 3
City Leh Hotel Name The Sambhava Inn / Similar Star Rating 3
City Nubra Hotel Name Mentok Retreat A Luxury Inn / similar Star Rating 3
City Pangong Hotel Name The Regal Camp / Pangong camp / Similar Star Rating 2
City Manali Hotel Name Hotel Manali / similar Star Rating 3


  • Delhi to Delhi
  • Innova / Traveller- 21000/- PP
  • Bike RE Himalayan / KTM390- 35000/- PP Only Rider & 30000/- PP with Pillion Rider with All Inclusive:
  • Leh to Leh
  • Innova / Traveller- 19000/- PP
  • Bike RE Himalayan / KTM390 - 21000/- PP Only Rider & 17000/- PP with Pillion Rider with

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • * Upon cancellation, refund will be made after deducting the Retention Amount.
  • * Retention Amount varies as per the number of days left before your package start date.
  • * Refund will be made within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the cancellation.
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